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This site is dedicated to collectors of UNIPART, MULTIPART, and other Porcelain Insulators.

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Click on the insulator links below to enter the world of beautiful Unipart and Multipart Porcelain Insulators.  This site belongs to Elton Gish.  If you have question, please feel free to email me by clicking on the Letter Box below.  I will try to answer any of your questions about porcelain insulators.

Porcelain Insulator Value Guide

The latest 2008 128-page spiral bound Value Guide is intended to be used with the Porcelain Insulator Guide Book and the 2nd edition book, Multipart Porcelain Insulators.  You will need those books in order to identify each U-number and M-number.  The Value Guide provides values for more than 4500 unipart insulators and more than 1100 multipart insulators as well as scale drawings for 224 additional unipart styles added to the U-Chart and 66 additional multipart styles added to the M-Chart.  The book lists known manufacturers, markings, and glaze colors, and helps you identify the correct U-number or M-number.  The Value Guide is only for U. S. made unipart insulators and U. S. and Canadian multipart insulators.  Foreign porcelain was covered in the Tod/Albers books on foreign porcelain and are not in the Value Guide.  Click on the book link below for price and ordering information.  Price is $33 ppd.  (Canadian orders please add $4 making total $37.)  


Do you need reference Books About Porcelain Insulators ???

I have several reference books available for purchase.  These are the only books about U.S. porcelain insulators.  To learn more about them and details about purchasing the books, please click on the BOOK image below:

   NOTE: Price Reduction on Reference Books!!

Visit The Insulator Gazette at: http://reference.insulators.info/publications/  This is a searchable database of over 13,000 articles from hundreds of newspapers and trade journals published since 1850. The content is all about insulators in some way. The people involved, the companies involved and the insulators and how they were manufactured, tested and used.  You can spend hundreds of hours reading, searching, and researching your favorite insulator, manufacturer, etc. 

Visit the Insulator Patent Library at: http://reference.insulators.info/patents/  There are more than 3,000 patents relating to insulators of all kinds including design patents.

Visit the Fred M. Locke web site: Dedicate to just porcelain and glass insulators made and sold by Fred Locke.  It also includes Lima Insulator Co., recent hunts and finds, advertisements, patents, family and factory history, and much more.  You can spend thousands of hours reading, searching, and researching your favorite insulator, manufacturer, etc. 

Two PINCO Films on DVD  Both films show how porcelain insulator were made in 1935 and 1955 at the Pinco plant in Lima, NY.

Insulator Manufacturer's and Markings: List of company markings found on porcelain insulators. 

Unipart Porcelain Insulators:

Multipart Porcelain Insulators (Click on the link at left to start or links below for specific manufacturers)

Porcelain Suspension Insulators:

Other Porcelain Insulators:

Historical Reference Materials (Includes all forms of glass, porcelain, and foreign insulators):


Old Company Photos and Postcards


Lapp Museum at LeRoy, NY (May 1993)  When I was doing research for the Fred Locke book, I went to Victor, NY in May 1993.  Part of the trip was to the Lapp factory in LeRoy, NY with the sole purpose to visit the Lapp Museum, which was set up by Brent Mills.  Click on the link to see the photos of the museum.

Pittsburg Date Control Markings:

Miscellaneous and Insulator Shows:

            1. Pass & Seymour

            2. Fred Locke, Imperial

            3. Electric Porcelain & Mfg. Co.

            4. Fred Locke M-2796 and Pigs

            5. R. Thomas & Sons, Lima Insulator Co. 

            6. Macomb, Square D, and Peru Electric Mfg. Co.

            7. New Lexington High Voltage Insulator Co.

            8. Misc. photos and advertisements


Insulator Related Patents:  We now have a database with over 2,260 insulator related patents and design patents including an extensive listing of Lightning Rod related patents.  There are several dozen trademarks, too.  If you are looking for a particular patent, chances are it is already in the database.  Please feel free to contact me via email or follow the link below for Insulator Research Service.  The insulator patent database can be accessed by clicking this link: Insulator Patents

Insulator Research Service: If you have an insulator you would like to learn more about, please feel free to contact the Insulator Research Service (go to www.insulators.info/irs).  I can send you links to make your own Patent copies.  The IRS is a good resource if you are designing an insulator display and would like additional research or copies of advertisements (over 1200), trade journal articles (over 1000) and patents (over 2800).  No fees are charged if you are building a display or doing research for future article.  Please be aware that no patents were granted for threadless insulators and very few specific insulator CD styles.  Click on the IRS link above to see a nearly complete list of CD styles covered by patents or click on this link to go to the patent database: Insulator Patents and do your own searching.  The IRS has copies of more than 2800 insulator related patents which includes more than 300 patents dealing with Lightning Rods: Points, Insulators, Ornaments (lightning rod balls), Conductors, and Rod Supports.



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