Enumclaw Show

NIA Western Regional Show

May 6-7, 2000


Fred Locke Display

Other Displays


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         The Enumclaw, WA show was hosted by Vi Brown, and it was the 30th year for the show.  It was a great show with hundreds of people attending.  The huge hall at the fair grounds was filled with many dozens of tables.  I thought some of you might like to see photographs of the Fred Locke display as well as the other great displays at the show.  The Fred Locke display was the largest display of Fred Locke porcelain insulators since the 1904 Locke exhibit at the St. Louis electrical exhibition.  Simply click on the links at the left to view thumbnails of the photos, and click on the thumbnails to view a larger image.

Those who contributed insulators to the Fred Locke display were:

Robin Harrison
Mike Spadafora
Ed Sewall
Ben Kirsten
Gil Hedges-Blanquez
Howard Banks
Tim Wood
Elton Gish