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I did not get the names of all who set up a display and the title of their display.  If someone would send me that information, I will add it.  I do know a few of them:

Dan Howard had the interactive military display titled "104th Signal Co. Commo Shack".  He set up two military telephones with overhead wires connecting to his sales table.  Many people enjoyed trying out the telephones.

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The Jefferson State Insulator Club (JSIC) set up a very large display of Fred Locke porcelain and glass insulators the Club found recently in southern Oregon and northern California.  Five photographs show their extensive display.

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Richard Peterson had a great display of a tiny fraction of his vast collection of photographs showing insulators in service.  Richard has documented with many hundreds of photographs various glass and porcelain insulators most of which have now been removed from service.

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Larrin Wanecheck had a very interesting display about the Collins Overland Telegraph.

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Below are photographs of the other very nice displays.

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