Old Insulator Company Photographs and Postcards

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Over the years I've been fortunate to acquire some old insulator company photographs and postcards. These can easily shared via the internet for others to enjoy rather than the costly avenue of publishing them in a book.  Some of the old photographs were made by scanning original glass negatives. Many images about the early Fred Locke factory and the Locke Insulator Manufacturing Co. at Victor, NY and the Lima Insulator Co. at Lima, NY were published in my 1994 book, Fred M. Locke: A Biography.  Through this medium will be presented photos from glass negatives, original company photographs, and postcards.  I hope you will enjoy the historical value and be encouraged to look past your collection of insulator specimens and acquire an interest in the struggle of the insulator manufacturing industry.  In many cases insulator factories were born out of the dreams of individuals and their joy of accomplishment.  It was the American dream realized.

If you have postcards and photographs you would like to add to this collection and share with others, please contact Elton Gish at elton@ r-infinity.com.


Locke Insulator Manufacturing Co. in 1910 (courtesy of Mike Spadafora.)

Locke Insulator Mfg. Co. (circa 1906)

Locke Insulator Mfg. Co. (circa 1908)

Locke Insulator Mfg. Co. (circa 1910)

Locke Insulator Mfg. Co. (circa 1910)





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