Hewletts with

V-S Arcing Horns


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Jarl Anderson sent in the following photographs of a Hewlett line in New Hampshire taken in Septermber 2001.  The line runs from around Campton, NH where the photos were taken to somewhere around New Found Lake, NH.  Bit by bit the pieces of the line are coming down.  As of the end of 2003, the line shown in the photos was still there.


Thomas Hewletts with V-S Arcing Horns

Close-up of a Hewlett string with the V-S arcing horns.

The illustration shown above was taken from the 1930 Thomas catalog.  Apparently the V-S arcing horns were introduced about that time.  Thomas claimed better protection than common arcing horns: "The large spoon at the horn tips was a unique design and a patent was applied for.  It was claimed that the heavy V-S tips dissipate the heat of the arc, keep the arc clear of the insulator string, and almost invariably dispell the arc into the air."  The large spoons weighted several pounds and could withstand a continuous flash-over with little damage.


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