Washington Courthouse Show

30th Annual

November 5-6, 2000


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         The Washington Courthouse show was hosted by Steve and Lois Blair with lots of help from Glenn Drummond and Alan Stastny.  It was the 30th year for the show.  The former London Ohio show was moved to the fairgrounds at Washington Courthouse (name of the town).  It was a great show with hundreds of people attending to buy-sell-trade with the 115 tables of insulators and lightning rod items.  I thought many of you might like to see photographs of the fantastic display of Multipart Porcelain Insulators set up by Dennis Stewart and Alan Hohnhorst.  The display required a tremendous amount of effort.  THANK YOU Dennis and Alan for sharing your collection.  It undoubtedly gave people a new appreciation for collecting the classic high voltage insulators.  Also include a photo of the porcelain half of Rick Hess' display.  Rick had some real unusual and beautiful porcelain.  At the bottom are two photos of John Bules' U-474 PP Inc.  It has a pale yellow glaze with lots of blotches of cranberry!!

Multipart Porcelain Insulator display of Dennis Stewart and Alan Hohnhorst.

Below is the porcelain half of Rick Hess' display.

Below is Jon Bules' U-474.  It has a pale yellow glaze with lots of blotches of cranberry.  A very unique and beautiful insulator!

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