Enumclaw Show

May 4-5, 2001


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Thanks to Robin Harrison for the photos.


Comments from Jim Sinsley.  Ed Sewall is inspecting a porcelain insulator with Ben Kirsten (red cap).

Left to right: Nathan Lamkey, Gil Hedges-Blanquez, David Bethman, and Mike Spadafora.  Gil is inspecting a Fred Locke pin base for a M-3721 (Borel line in sourther California).  Dave is showing off an M-2150 "Kootenay White" (circa 1905) and Mike is holding a 2-part multi M-2329 N-N Lima with a glazewelded middle skirt.



Fantastic display of porcelain insulators made by the Lima Insulator Co.   The company was in operation from 1904 to 1908 and secretly owned by Fred Locke.  Robin Harrison, Mike Spadafora, and Ed Sewall combined insulators from their collections to make the display.  This is the first Lima display at any show.